Thursday, 11 April 2013

New Avanti/Artizani show Developed

Brian, Bill Palmer and James McPherson spent the beginning of April creating a new touring show entitled "Six Impossible Things".
It has been developed with a Village Hall audience in mind and will be an evening of music, laughter, science and magic. It will be a joyful night out for all and starts touring in the rural North West of England in October.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Brian to Direct New Touring Show in 2013

Brian has been invited to co-devise and direct a new indoor show which will see a collaboration between Avanti Display and Artizani.
They have secured major funding for a series of outdoor and indoor shows inspired by the line from Alice in Wonderland that the Queen of Hearts could "believe six impossible things before breakfast".
The indoor element is touring the North West rural arts network from Autumn 2013 and promises to be a surreal mixture of Cinema, Music Hall and Fairground Sideshow in the best tradition of both of these  hilarious and inventive companies.

Full details will be at

Monday, 11 June 2012

Prince of Wales Judges New Queen of Bath Contest in Spiegeltent

His Royal Highness graciously agreed to co-judge the Alternative Queen of Bath  Contest at the 2012 Bath Fringe Festival, alongside the reigning Alternative Queen of Bristol, the lovely, moustachioed Orla O'Carroll. A line up of six unusual entrants ranging from a sheep-woman to a balloon contortionist made it an interesting afternoon for His Highness, a man always fond of a little exotic entertainment. In the end the judges decided on the sheep-woman as most bizarre and she will hold the title for this year.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Prince of Wales Opens Jubilee Cocktail Party in Lovely Village

His Royal Highness Edward, The Prince of Wales made a gracious appearance at the Limpley Stoke Jubilee Cocktail Party in honour of the Queen's 60th year on the throne. Admittedly, he had been under the impression that it was his mother, Queen Victoria who was being honoured, but all turned out well in the end and a lovely time was had by the guests, especially the ladies, who found the prince's sophisticated attentions much to their taste and his gifts of roses and champagne particularly welcome. Sadly they declined his kind offer of a private audience in the nearby Chabonais Guest House. Edward has now entered the exotic menagerie of characters on offer from Fine Artistes and can be made available at any time for personal appearances.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Krone Brothers search for new movie talent in UK

The legendary Hollywood directors The Krone Bros. were in Bridgwater, Somersetshire in April 2012 looking for new talent for their upcoming Costume drama Downtown Abbey. They were astonished by the range of abilities on display in this small town and are looking forward to working with the new actors that they discovered.
See this link to watch the screen tests.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fine Artistes Lead Mintfest Summer School 2011

Before and during Mintfest 2011 Brian led a group of five "students" on a ten day course in Street Arts. With this really creative team he dreamed up a scenario based on the latest local health scare - Sheep Tick Outbreaks. As a result Mintfest 2011 became Infest 2011 and International Insectologists gathered in Kendal to deal with the giant swarm of dangerous bugs spotted in Europe en route to Britain. The students' performances on the weekend were accomplished and enjoyed by public and participants alike.Brian hopes to attend again next year. Here we see the students in action, warning townspeople of the imminent danger of bugs as big as chickens heading their way.. They are armed with the latest zap-guns in the top picture.
See clips of their performances - with thanks to Antoinette Burchill, one of "The Delegates" and a performance artist herself click below on -
This piece has now featured in Derby Feste 2011 as "Made in Derby" as the performers were mainly sponsored by Derby City Arts. These second performances were an even greater success, and "The Delegates" now intend to continue as a performance group.
What you might call " a result".

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Street Studio at Henley Youth Festival 2011

We were in Henley on Thames on Saturday March 26th with the Studio in the Street.
Here are some comments from Jane Gray, one of the organisers:
"Fine Artistes came to our Art Event as part of the Youth Festival "Fantasy in the Square". The studio made a fantastic central piece to our event.Everyone loved the still life table and the "talking pictures". The end result of the interactive canvas was brilliant - even more impressive than the photos on the website - and this is now proudly hanging in the local Youth Centre for all to see. Brian and Rose were brilliant artistes and entertainers and we would ask them to come back for a future festival in one guise or another!"